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Cover Image: Rain in the Desert and Other Tunes

Moon Over Inverness and Other Tunes New!

by Liz Donaldson

A supplement to "Rain in the Desert and Other Tunes"

Scottish Tune Medleys

Arranged by Liz Donaldson

Scottish Tune Medleys is intended as a supplement to the now-familiar "little pink book," Scottish Dance Class Tunes issued in 2000 which contains user-friendly familiar tunes good for playing for Scottish Dance Classes. Scottish Tune Medleys includes a host of mostly traditional tunes presented in medley format for your enjoyment whether performing concerts, playing for Scottish Country Dancing, or just for your own pleasure. There is a total of 220 tunes: Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, and Waltzes encompassing a wide range of styles.

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Rain in the Desert and Other Tunes

Cover Image: Rain in the Desert and Other Tunes

by Liz Donaldson

Original compositions in the folk tradition by Washington D.C. area pianist Liz Donaldson. Includes: Waltzes, Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys and Airs, a Hambo, Schottische, and Tango. The collection includes such favorites as: Rain in the Desert, Linda's Waltz, Darling Darcy, Waiting for Jim, and Larksinam Jig.

Scottish Dance Class Tunes

compiled by Liz Donaldson

A collection of 108 traditional tunes suitable for Scottish Country Dance Classes. Includes sections of:

  • Marches and Waltzes for warm-up/cool-down exercises
  • Reels suitable for Pas de Basque step practice
  • Jigs, Reels, and Strathspeys.
In most cases two pages face, providing 6 tunes in a variety of keys which can be played in any order to make up a tune medley.

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# Music in title: Beyond the Beltway © Liz Donaldson